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By Gonzalo
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As mentioned earlier, this was not a planned holiday and we had to improvise some of the activities on the go.
Our idea was a relaxed week, getting some time on the beach, eat typical food and not having too much to do.
As based in Lisbon, we drove to Marbella by car, and spend the week there. Once was raining, and I said to my wife: what if we could visit Morocco tomorrow, and put Africa on our checklist and passport? Instantly found that from Marbella is only one hour drive to Tarifa. We had a car, so that was easy.

Morocco is still today probably one of the most safe muslim countries in Africa to visit, and always had curiosity of checking in. Tourism is one of their main industries, with more than 10 million visitors every year. With it’s 98,9% muslim population, was something really exciting and new to explore.


There’s a ferry service (catamaran – fast boat) that takes you to Tangier in Morocco in just 35min ! That was really great and just for about 60EUR roundtrip. Thats what we did!

They have also ferries that will take your car, but I strongly not recommend, unless you are spending few weeks exploring Morocco on your own. The ferries are comfortable and recent, the journey is smooth and quick. Emmigration is also fast and will not require to much time.

Tangier is one of the few places left in the world where, so long as you don’t proceed to robbery, violence, or some form of crude, antisocial behavior, you can do exactly what you want.William S. Burroughs


If you have some time (which we didn’t have because we were rushing to spend the maximum time in Tangier), explore Tarifa. One hour would be probably enough to embrace the feeling of this small fortified city, once a Roman settlement that was conquered by the Moorish leader Tarif ibn Malik in 710 AD. It’s today the second southest point of Europe and famous for the water sports such as surf and kitesurf, due it’s huge winds.


Arriving at Tangier was easy, and honestly we didn’t know what to expect. This is was not a programmed visit. We just wanted to stroll few hours around the city and feel their culture. After leaving the boat and exiting the port, we saw multiple tour guides trying to sell their services and decided to hire one of them for the day. Knowing today, would have made few phone calls or send few emails to hire a specific guide chosen previously. We had Hassan, a little (small) guide, measuring tall not more than 1,5 mt (5ft). We jumped into a taxi parked nearby and our guide showed the highlights of the city for few hours. I couldn’t imagine exploring the city on my own in few hours, would feel not very safe and unsecure. The city is quite dirty and it’s basicly a port city. The attractions are located on top of the hill, so be prepared to walk (take good pair of shoes). We also visited a local traditional pharmacy and a rugs (carpet) shop, where we bought one back home, after an intense negotiation where the price dropped from 1200EUR to 200EUR only. Euro is accepted everywhere. Some places like the rugs shop offer mint tea while discussing the price.

Some photos around the Port of Tangier:

More photos of Tangier:

Ferry Service: http://www.frs.es/en/
Distance Calculator: http://calculate-distance.com/


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