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By Gonzalo
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The city of Havana (La Habana) was a big surprise. Honestly was not expecting to be such interesting, surprisingly friendly people and great history and culture behind the city. With it’s 2+ million population, makes Havana to be considered the largest city by area and population in the Caribbean.

The city of Havana, founded by the Spanish in the 15th hundreds, was a hub for the spanish explorers to discover and colonize the central and south America. Havana is the current capital of Cuba, where the government has it’s headquarters, being considered since 1982 as Unesco World Heritage.

The tourism has been increasing over the years, with more than 1 million people visiting Havana, half of its population. Now, opening the boarders to American Tourists, where travel now seems to be much easier, the tourism will increase heavily in Havana and Cuba within the next few years.

In 2015, Havana was officially considered one of the New 7 Wonders Cities together with Vigan, Doha, La Paz,Durban, Beirut, and Kuala Lumpur.

The places I recommend not missing in Havana are the following:
1) Hotel National de Cuba (even it not staying, they have guided tours inside the monument)
2) Malecon
3) Bodeguita Del Medio
4) Fabrica de Rum Bocoy
5) El Capitolio
6) Old Havana (Habana Vieja)
7) Paseo del Prado
8) Plaza de la Revolucion (Jose Marti Memorial)
9) Plaza de la Catedral – Cathedral Square
10) Ambos Mundos Hotel – Hemingway
So, if you wish to visit Cuba and Havana, do it now before it changes drastically.


Disclaimer – Please note: some of the experiences listed here may have been sponsored, but this review is independent and reflects exclusively my personal experience.

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